High School

Mission Academy currently serves grades K-9. We will add one additional grade level each year. By the 2024/2025 school year, Mission Academy will be a K-12 school. We utilize a block schedule allowing for students to earn 8 full credits each year.

Our graduating seniors will complete a rigorous course load containing English, math, science, history, physical education, health, Bible, foreign language, and electives. While our students will have homework assignments in 9-12th grades, they are given two 20 minute study halls to complete assignments or study.

Graduation Requirements for College Prep Diplomas: 
English4 credits
Math4 credits
Science4 credits
Bible4 credits
Social Studies3 credits
Foreign Language2 credits
Fine Arts/Technology2 credits
Physical Education0.5 credits
Health0.5 credits
 24 total credits

Along with completion of 24 credits of academics, students will be required to complete 75 hours of community service by the end of their senior year. This can be school-sponsored events, church-sponsored events, or acts of service in the community supervised by a trusted adult.