Reading and Language Arts

We use Orton-Gillingham curriculum and materials for the teaching of reading and language arts. We explicitly teach phonics in all grade levels, although phonics instruction will play a lesser role in grades 6-8. We read and write in every class, every subject, and every grade level. Students are encouraged to read at home as much as they read at school.


Our math curriculum is hands-on with the use of multiple manipulatives to encourage students to use math in different ways.


As a Christian school, we do not teach evolution, only intelligent design. Our science curriculum is varied and focuses on hands-on learning in all grade levels. We do experiments each week and encourage our students to get involved in science and the world around them. We ask questions, formulate hypotheses, and test those hypotheses in the classroom. We make use of the outdoors whenever possible.

History and Geography

We focus on geography and the world around us starting in Kindergarten and then begin chronological history starting in grade 2. Geography is taught in each level.


We teach Bible every day and students will attend Chapel on Fridays. Our Bible instruction focuses on the main prophets in both the Old and New Testaments and helps students see how God’s plan is carried throughout the Bible. Students will have a memory verse each week. In Chapel students will sing worship songs and listen to a Bible message.