Who We Are

Our Philosophy

We believe that every child has the potential to achieve great things. At the Academy, we strive to create an environment where each child feels encouraged, supported, and challenged. We want to educate the whole child and so our schedule, our emphasis, our goals are different from the norm. These are just some of the ways that we are different.

  • We do not give standardized assessments to the whole school body. We do offer testing for the parents that would like to participate, but there is no testing day/ testing week at the Academy.
  • Every child will learn at a level that is appropriate for his or her academic level regardless of chronological age. This means that Math 3 could have students in a wide range of ages. This is a benefit for our students and lets children learn at their own pace without being bored or anxious about the content.
  • Students will have 60 minutes of recess each day. We believe that children need physical movement in order to fully develop their brains and to concentrate better in class, so students will have three 20 minute sessions of recess each day.
  • Students will have limited assigned homework. We think that children in elementary and middle school should have time outside of school hours to read, participate in sports, and spend time in church and with their families. In some cases, students may be asked to complete an unfinished project at home, but these cases are rare and at the discretion of the parents.
  • Students will have 20 minutes of independent reading time each day. For our lower-level readers, students will be able to choose an audio book or may participate in a read aloud group.
  • In addition to our academic courses, all students will have art, music, foreign language, coding, and nutrition on a weekly basis. Student will have physical education each day.
  • School activities often take place outside of the classroom. Students at the Academy often take field trips to educational destinations around Atlanta.