Flexible grade levels

At Mission Academy, we know a student that is exactly on grade level across the board in every subject is pretty rare. So rare, in fact, that we don’t subscribe to the belief that students need to be in grade level classes all day. Students will attend homeroom first thing in the morning with their chronological peers, but this could be the only time that they are in class with students all the same age.

We feel that academically appropriate classes far outweigh the social aspect of grade level classes. If a student needs to be in a higher level course for reading or math or science, then we will place them in the class that best fits their needs. If a student struggles in a particular area, we will adjust their schedule to put him/her in the most appropriate class that meets their needs. The end result is that students learn science with other students who are academically ready for that level of science. There is no shame nor bragging about levels, because all classes are multi-age. Students focus less on who is in the class and more on what they are learning.

Our ultimate goal is to help each student reach his or her potential in every area, every subject.